WATCH: BTS Featured In My Hometown's Massive Harborfest Fireworks Display

I grew up in a very small town in Central New York called "Oswego, NY". As a child and teenager I never really appreciated how unique and cool my hometown was. There honestly wasn't much to do as one. That said, it's incredibly scenic and looking back on those days as an adult now I really took advantage of how special the city was. I have so many childhood memories that belong to my hometown whether it be hanging out with friends at unique spots or eating at one of the killer restaurants.

One of the biggest things to happen every year was an event called 'Harborfest' where the city would put up stages in different parks across the city, a mid-way would be setup along the river, and you could ride a Trolley around the city (one of my favorite memories). The highlight of this event outside of the bands, drinking, and activities for kids was the Grucci Fireworks Show. This show was MASSIVE. You had to claim your spot with a blanket at the park closest to the show literally first thing in the morning or else you'd risk not having a spot. You couldn't just show up a few hours before it like you can for most Fireworks shows in our area. It was A THING and after watching the video from this year's show below I understand why...

And now I'm suddenly homesick! I need some Cam's NY Pizza, Oswego Sub Shop, Canale's, and Rudy's food in my belly ASAP now.

Check out the videos by thanks to "Photos By Meem" who captured some incredible video.

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