Couple arrested for Ordering Take Out!

A couple in England ordered takeout to be delivered to their neighbor's house 13 times over a 10-day periodThey sent the food at all hours of the day in what's being called "a prank gone too far" done by bored jobless peopleThe pair were charged $375, each

English couple Alan Ward and Kirsty Ogle thought it would be funny to order takeout to their neighbor's house 13 times over a 10-day period. Unfortunately, their neighbor doesn't have the same sense of humor and now, 23-year-old Ward and 19-year-old Ogle have to cough up $375 each in a "prank gone too far." 

"I have never been so nervous and paranoid," their victim says. "I was suspicious of everyone I know and I was accusing people wrongly of being behind the deliveries."

The best part? Even Ward and Ogle's lawyer admits it was a stupid thing to do. "There is no history of bad blood between these parties. It’s quite simply juvenile behavior gone too far," Andrew O’Hanlon admits. "They weren’t working and I think it was unemployment making silly work for idle hands."

Source: Mirror

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