Pet home after 15 years!

A few months after moving into a new home in Hawaii, James the tortoiseshell cat went missing. Her owner Tori Takayesu and her kids spent months looking for their precious pet, but she never returned. And that was 15 years ago.

So imagine her surprise when the Maui Humane Society called Takayesu about her cat out of the blue. The shelter found James and got her number because it was tattooed inside the feline’s ear. “I couldn’t believe it,” she says. “I just never thought, after all these years, that she would come back to me.”

After getting that shocking call, she even waited a few days before claiming James, just in case her family of the last 15 years was searching for her. But no one came to claim her, so her long-lost owner brought James home and she seems to remember her well and has settled in nicely. “We’re just so happy,” Takayesu says. “It’s just like having one of our children come back home.”

Source: People

We can only assume there was a LOT of love when they were reunited:)

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