Best Road Trips!

According to a recent report, 79% of people are planning to take road trips this summer and while we’re sure everyone has their favorite destinations to get in the car and drive to, there are some spots in this country that are truly amazing to visit via four wheels.

Well, WalletHub has come out with their list of the Best and Worst States for Summer Road Trips, making their determinations based on a variety of factors including number of attractions, road conditions, costs and more.

Overall, Oregon was named best summer road trip destination, scoring a 59-point-8 out of 100, with Connecticut landing dead last at 50 with only a 33-point-0-4. Of course, there are some specific things people look for when it comes to a road trip. For example, if keeping costs down is important, folks may want to head to South Carolina, where they’ll find the lowest gas prices, and steer clear of California where they’ll pay the most at the pump. And if they’re into camping, the cheapest prices can be found in Nevada (although it will certainly be hot in the desert), while camping is most expensive in Rode Island.

And if the actual driving part of a road trip is the most important thing to someone, they may want to consider traveling in California and North Carolina which has the most scenic byways of any other state, while Connecticut and Delaware have the least.

Top Ten Best Summer Road Trip Destinations(Click here for a complete list)


  • Oregon: 59.68
  • Utah: 58.35
  • Washington: 57.89
  • North Carolina: 57.69
  • Louisiana: 57.65
  • Texas: 56.00
  • Nevada: 55.90
  • Minnesota: 55.15
  • California: 53.64
  • Colorado: 52.50

Source: WalletHub

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