Is Blake Shelton married again??

Contrary to what you may read, Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton did not tie the knot. “Life & Style” magazine’s latest cover features a picture of the superstar couple with the headline “Blake & Gwen: They’re Married,” with the accompanying article featuring alleged details from their secret wedding, but we wouldn’t go running out to buy them a wedding gift just yet.

The mag quotes an insider who says they “decided to just do it,” with the “super low-key" wedding taking place “in the backyard at Gwen’s home in L.A. with just family and a few close friends.” Although they don't say when this supposed wedding happened, they do note that Blake “had special bracelets made for the entire family” in order to remember the day. 

But sources insist to Gossip Cop that the happy couple did not in fact get hitched. This is far from the first story “Life & Style” has written about the pair. In February they suggested Gwen was delaying a wedding to have a baby, and in April they claimed she was ready to dump Blake. None of those turned out to be true either. 

Source: Gossip Cop

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