When Crystal Skawinski wrote a Facebook post asking the world to send rainbows to her nephew, she had no idea the request would go viral. Her nine-year-old nephew, Robbie, has autism and after both of his parents died just weeks apart, his aunt, now his legal guardian, wanted to make the boy smile with the rainbows.

Robbie’s mother passed away after a long battle with gastroparesis and cystic fibrosis and three weeks later his father died of an overdose, so the boy was told his parents “went over the rainbow bridge.” Now Robbie eagerly looks for rainbows and his Aunt Crystal thought getting some from the people of the Internet would cheer him up and remind him of his parents.

And the world didn’t disappoint! She’s already received thousands of rainbows for Robbie from around the world. “I had no idea that one little picture of my nephew standing there looking for a rainbow was going to bring this kind of support,” Skawinski says. “Now he has a place to go, so if it’s not raining outside or if it is raining but there’s no rainbow, now he has a place to go to get that comfort.”

Source: NBC New York

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