Divorce! Yikes!

There are a lot of things that can take a toll on a marriage, and a person’s occupation can certainly be one of them. But which jobs are the worst for a relationship? Well, a new report has the answer. 

A new survey by LendingTree finds:

  • Folks in the military have it bad, with 3.09% of married folks doing military work getting divorced in 2019, almost twice the national divorce rate.
  • Other fields with high divorce rates include:
    • Health Care Support (2.65%)
    • Food Preparation and Serving (2.49%)
    • Extraction Occupations (2.47%)
    • Protective Service Occupations (2.15%) 

But when it comes to individual occupations, it sounds like those who lsten to patron’s problems need someone to listen to theirs.

  • Bartenders have the highest divorce rate of any occupation, at 4.34%.
  • The divorce rate among female bartenders is 4.58%, while the rate among male bartenders is 3.92%. 

Top 10 Individual Jobs With The Highest Divorce Rate

  1. Bartenders (4.34%)
  2. Waiters and Waitresses (3.4%)
  3. Home Health Aids (2.87%)
  4. Nursing Assistants (2.81%)
  5. Licensed Practical and Licensed Vocational Nurses (2.69%)
  6. Medical Assistants (2.66%)
  7. Dishwashers (2.64%)
  8. Personal Care Aids (2.62%)
  9. Security guards and gambling surveillance officers (2.57%)
  10. Industrial truck and tractor operators (2.52%)
  • As for the jobs with the lowest divorce rates for both men and women, those are:
    • Clergy
    • Farmers and Ranchers
    • Physicians
  • The overall divorce rate across all these jobs is just 0.70%.

Source: LendingTree 

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