GOOD NEWS: Kid Donates 176 Presents To Patients At Children’s Hospital

When he was eight, Nolan Adams heard an ad about a children’s hospital on the radio. It got the boy from Sioux Falls, South Dakota thinking about those kids stuck in the hospital on Christmas and he decided to do something to help them.

Nolan asked his parents to buy a couple of gifts to take to the pediatric patients stuck at the hospital for the holidays. The first year, they took two presents. The next year he got other folks involved and was able to deliver 50 gifts. And this year, the now-11-year-old has 176 presents to deliver to the children at the hospital.

The kind-hearted kid says he tries to make Christmas special for them because he wants these kids to be able to forget about what’s going to happen next and just have a “normal, happy life.” "It's really heartwarming, and it makes me feel good about myself," Nolan says. "And me and my grandma say, 'It's better to give than receive.'"

Full Story HERE: WCVB

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