GOOD NEWS: Fourth Grader’s Handmade Fidget Toys Help Pay Off School Lunch D

Lexi Bergeron was shocked when she saw a news story about kids from a nearby school district being denied a hot lunch because of their negative school lunch balances. So the fourth-grader from Grand Haven, Michigan decided to donate money from the “stretchy straw fidgeters” she makes to help pay off the lunch debts.

Lexi’s mom got involved and set up a GoFundMe account to raise more money for the cause. Their goal was $188 - which was the estimated school lunch debt amount - but they’ve raised so much more. So far, they’re up to $2,230, which will cover the school lunch debt for the whole district!

“The whole experience for us has been humbling,” Lexi’s mom Sarasays, “watching our community come together and then watching our country come together on our mission to feed our kids … I really love our hometown and I’m just so surprised and grateful that we are able to help in this way.”

Source: Babble

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