GOOD NEWS: London Train Station WIll Throw Xmas Party For Homeless

Some rail workers at the Euston Train station in London are helping bring Christmas to the city’s homeless population. Transit company Network Rail has 30 volunteers who will be working with local charities to throw a Christmas party with decorations, lunch and dinner on December 25th.

Over 200 people sleeping on the streets in London have already received invitations for the event. Rail workers are going to help serve, talk with the homeless visitors, and clean up the station when it’s all over.

“Everything, including people’s time, has been donated,” explains Steve Naybour, head of transformation with Network Rail. “And I can’t think of a better way to spend my Christmas Day – it even beats working on the railway! Using a station to give homeless people a Christmas dinner and some festive cheer is a great thing to do.”

Full Story HERE: Good News Network

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