GOOD NEWS: Secret Santa Passes Out $100 Bills To Hurricane Harvey Victims

Every year an anonymous businessman spends the holiday season playing Secret Santa to Americans. He travels around the U.S. passing out $100 bills to random strangers, giving away about $100,000 each year.

But this year, he narrowed his focus to Beaumont, Texas, where four months after Hurricane Harvey flooded the town, people are still trying to put the pieces of their lives and homes back together. This Secret Santa is spreading Christmas cheer here with each $100 bill he hands out.

He’s also calling attention to the Beaumont Police Department for their extraordinary service during the natural disaster. They showed up for work in the aftermath of the hurricane and half of them had their homes damaged or destroyed, but they still came in. “I want the officers to know that their heroism, their sacrifice is not unrecognized," the Secret Santa says.

Source: CBS News

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