GOOD NEWS: Server Gets Biggest Tip Of Her Life This Holiday

Mary Lively has been waiting tables at Theo and Stacy’s Restaurant in Kalamazoo, Michigan for 30 years, but she was just treated to the biggest tip she’s ever gotten. And it was from a group of strangers, just in time for Christmas.

Mike “Tonto” Alexander and his 10 of his friends pitched in $100 each to leave a huge $1,000 tip for a lucky server and they chose Mary when she waited on them and they felt how kind she was. They picked Theo and Stacy’s restaurant because the owners have a reputation for being charitable, they feed hundreds of homeless folks on Thanksgiving and Christmas.

The group paid their $70 bill and gave Mary an envelope with the $1,000 cash inside. She was understandably overwhelmed and actually had to step outside to collect herself for a minute. She’s thankful and delighted to have extra money for her car payment and to buy gifts for her family. And the generous strangers are already planning to excessively tip someone again next year.

SourceCBS Detroit

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