GOOD NEWS: Girl Sews 500 Bags And Fills With Gifts For Needy Kids

Christmas Present

Most kids her age are more into hanging with their friends, but 11-year-old Sanya Pirani likes to spend her time helping those less fortunate. Her nonprofit, Sanya’s Hope for Children works to do that in the Minneapolis area where she lives and around the world.

This year, the gifted girl has been sewing up a storm. She made 500 fabric bags with shoulder straps using donated samples from local fabric stores. Then she and her supporters filled each bag with toys, books, and school supplies and gave them away to the kids living at Sharing and Caring Hands shelter.

"I have an urge to help those people because we should all be treated equally," Sanya says. "If you feel you want to help people, don't give up on yourself, because a lot of people are so happy even if you donate just a penny.” From the mouths of babes.

Source: WBALTV

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