GOOD NEWS: Woman Surprises Widow Mom With European Holiday Trip

After losing her father to a sudden heart attack just before Christmas five years ago, the holidays just weren’t the same for 24-year-old Tiffany Trilli and her mom. Their family had always enjoyed big Italian Christmas celebrations, but without her dad there, it just didn’t feel right.

So Trilli and her mom, Tammy Roberts, decided a few years ago to start a new tradition and take off to a Caribbean island for the holidays each year. But this year, Trilli decided to surprise her mom with a trip to Europe instead. She booked tickets for them to leave on Christmas day, heading to London and Paris.

“We’ve created a new tradition that makes sense for the reshaped family we have become,” she says. “It’s like we have an opportunity to find a lasting way to remember my dad. Even though he isn’t with me anymore, I carry him with me throughout every journey and aspect of my life.”

Source: Inside Edition

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