GOOD NEWS: Jackets Tied To Trees Hope To Warm Needy

In Port Richey, Florida, there’s not much need for a coat most of the year. But while the state is experiencing their own frigid weather along with the rest of the country, a good Samaritan is trying to help keep cold souls warm by leaving coats and sweatshirts tied on trees for anyone to take.

Each coat has a note reading, “I’m not lost. If you’re cold, take me.” No one knows who’s behind the good deed, but the notes are signed with the initials B.H.

Richard Arcaleo works near the spot where the coats have been left and he says he’s seen a lot of folks in the area who could use some warm gear during this cold weather snap. “Makes me feel good. Very good,” he says. “I think it’s a great idea. I should’ve thought of it myself.”

Source: Bay News 9

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