GOOD NEWS: Cop Saves Baby Girl With Liver Transplant

She was born a healthy baby back in April, but Sloan St. James stayed jaundiced for months and when her parents took her in for another check up, they were given bad news about their daughter. Sara and Chris St. James learned that their baby girl has biliary atresia, a rare life-threatening liver disease where the common bile ducts are blocked or damaged.

Sloan was in stage 4 liver failure, which is the final one. The family from Buzzards Bay, Massachusetts had been updating loved ones about her condition on Facebook and were waiting for a match when someone they knew through mutual friends stepped up. Lieutenant Steve Tenney of the Keene Police Department in New Hampshire offered to donate part of his liver and it turns out he was a perfect match.

Tenney says his decision to donate a small part of his liver to the baby girl was a no-brainer. Their life-saving surgery was a success and now Sloan is on the road to recovery. “If you can help a suffering child you will,” Tenney explains. “I think most people would if they were in a position to help any child in need.”

Source: People

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