Weather Terms for 2018!

Weird Weather Terms That We Didn’t Know Before - As weather becomes a mainstream hobby, we’re getting a taste of the term we never heard before. Some of them are downright weird.

This week it was all about the “bombogenesis,” the massive extra tropical storm that kicked the East Coast’s tail. Here are some other odd terms and protocols courtesy of the world of weather.

  • Naming storms. Thanks to Superstorm Sandy, a hurricane after the season ended, everyone is now slapping a name of winter storms.
  • The “Washington Post” asked readers to vote on a term for the epic 2010 blizzard that threatened the Midwest and East Coast. Not only did it make a good hashtag, it fit what was to come.
  • Thanks to The Weather Channel’s Jim Cantore, everyone knows what it is and how cool the rare occurrence is. It is indeed thunder during a snowstorm.
  • This one has yet to catch on, but it’s been around for a while. It means “to snow very lightly.”
  • This one you’ve seen but not realized it. It’s is a light & fluffly form of precipitation similar to hail. They look like tiny styrofoam pebbles.

Source: Bustle

Find all the terms you need by clicking on Bustle above!

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