GOOD NEWS: Harlem Globetrotter Brings Smiles To Young Wildfire Victims

NBA Basketball Getty Images

A Harlem Globetrotter came to a Northern California school to show off his moves and shoot hoops with some children who are victims of the area’s deadly and destructive wildfires. Zeus McClurkin even showed kids how to do the team’s trademark trick, spinning a basketball on a fingertip.

McClurkin helped entertain these kids who are dealing with so many grown-up issues, like losing their possessions and finding a new place to live. “Life throws curve balls to all of us,” he told the students, while reminding them that they’re resilient and strong.

Principal of St. John Baptist school, James Brandt, says his students were delighted to see the ball player. "The place was electric," he says. "The place was alive."

Source: Inside Edition

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