GOOD NEWS: Costco Cashier Plays Along When Girls Mistake Him For Maui From

A couple of little girls were delighted on a shopping trip to Costco when they spotted a cashier who looked a lot like Maui, the beloved character from the Disney movie “Moana.” Ryley, 8 and Rylyn, 5, were with their mom Rella Rivera at a Costco in Oahu, Hawaii when they started jumping up and down excitedly shouting, “That’s Maui!”

Rivera says Costco cashier William Va’ana was happy to play along with the girls, even giving them a loud, “chee-hoo” - the Demigod character’s signature catchphrase. When she posted a video of the sweet encounter on YouTube, she learned from commenters that Va’ana is a celebrity to other kids who come in and he’s always happy to play along.

“Every time he sees my daughters, he yells out to them with a ‘chee-hoo!’ and they love it,” she says. “He’s so awesome for doing that.”

Source: People

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