GOOD NEWS: Dad Carves Five-Mile Road So Kids Can Get To School

We might complain that we have to leave the comfort of our warm houses to drive the kids to the bus stop or to school, but one father in India worked a little harder to get his kids to school. Jalandhar Nayakhas spent the last two years carving out a five-mile road through the hilly terrain near his home, so his kids would have an easier time hiking to school.

His three sons used to spend six hours every day walking from their village to their school. After seeing them stumble down the treacherous route, the 45-year-old vegetable seller grabbed a pickaxe and carved a less dangerous path for them.

Nayak was featured in a recent news segment and caught the eye of local government officials, who were impressed by the kind and caring father’s progress. They reached out to him to say that they’re more than happy to finish the last four miles of the road for him.

Source: Good News Network

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