Are You Getting Married This Year? *LIST* Biggest Wedding Trends for 2018

The Knot reveals what folks will be seeing at weddings this year

The Full Story:

  • The Knot has come out with their list of the top trends for 2018
  • Trends include asking for cash for an experience, non-traditional venues, statement escort cards and more
  • More brides will be wearing some sort of sleeve this year, while big bouquets are out, and single stem statement flowers are in

There's no doubt brides planning their wedding want everything to be perfect, and a lot of them want to make sure they are on trend. Well, the wedding website The Knot has now come out with their list of the top trends for 2018 which will help make planning for the big day that much easier.

Among this year’s hottest trends: 

  • Vibe Over Palette – Instead of focusing on the color scheme for the occasion, a lot of couples are starting their planning with a theme, or words that describe what they are looking for.
  • Statement Escort Card Displays – Forget simple cards with table numbers, in 2018 couples will be making statements with their escort cards, especially if they want to see them wind up on Instagram.
  • Asking for Cash – Instead of registering for things like stemware and china, more couples will be looking to get money in the form of experiences, asking guests to donate to a fund for something important to them, like say a house payment, or more.
  • Balloons and Arches – Why spend all that money on flowers, when balloons are totally in for centerpieces? Some folks are even using them to create arches around the alter.
  • Unexpected Entertainment –Instead of just a band or DJ, the hot trend will have couples looking to keep the fun going all night with a variety of entertainment, with things like sketch artists, tarot card readers and more.
  • Reimagined First Looks – Instead of the traditional first look being between just the bride and groom, couples will instead be inviting important people in their lives to share it, like their parents, or maybe their bridal party.
  • Signature Eats & Experiential Dining – Instead of just signature cocktails, couples will be personalizing their food experience, with things like “his” and “hers” dishes, and they’ll also be making food more of an “experience,” with things like open-fire cooking, or special chef plating in real time.
  • Passed Cake Bites, Hand-Painted Cakes & Inventive Flavors – Over the top cakes are out, while small passed cake bites, brought to guests so the party doesn’t have to stop, are in. For those who stick with a cake, more will opt for personalized and hand-painted cakes, while new flavors and exotic pairings for fillings and frostings are all the rage.
  • Non-Traditional Venues – More couples will be skipping the catering hall and opting for unique locations, like historic libraries, large homes and even boxing gyms.
  • Single Stem Bouquets & Baby's-Breath Revival – Big bouquets are out, single stem statement flowers are in, as are baby’s breath, which are great for things like flower crowns and other small hairpieces. 
  • It's All About the Sleeve – Strapless wedding gowns aren’t as hot as the used to be. More and more brides are opting for some kind of sleeve, with others wearing things like sheer capes or lace capelets.

Source: Yahoo Finance

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