GOOD NEWS: Garbage Collectors Start Library With Thrown-Away Books

Garbage collectors in Turkey have opened a public library with books that were all being thrown away. Sanitation workers started collecting the books that others were tossing out and when word got out, residents began donating books directly.

At first, the books were just for employees and their families to borrow, but as the collection grew and interest spread in the community, the library was opened to the public last fall. Now they’ve hired a full-time employee to manage it and they have over 6,000 books ranging from nonfiction to literature and there’s even a popular kids’ section.

Now those looking for books can find them and those wishing to get rid of books have a great place to donate them. “Before, I wished that I had a library in my house,” garbage collector Serhat Baytemur says. “Now we have a library here.”

Source: CNN

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