GOOD NEWS: Lost Engagement Ring Found In Crazy Twist Of Fate

Nico Bellamy knew he wanted to propose to his girlfriend Caitie, so her father gave him her grandmother’s engagement ring to hold onto until he popped the question. He kept in a safe deposit box for three years until the couple moved and he stashed it in a box in his backpack with plans to propose soon.

But when he went to grab the ring a week later, the backpack had been unzipped and the ring box was missing. Bellamy panicked, came clean to his future father-in-law, and wasn’t sure what he was going to do. But while taking a different way home and drove down a street he never goes down, where someone had posted a “found engagement ring” sign.

When Bellamy called and described his missing ring, it turned out to be his. So he got the ring back, popped the question and now the happy couple is engaged. “I’ve never had a feeling of relief like that,” he admits. “And the greatest thing now is it’s on Caitie’s hand, so if it gets lost again, it’s her fault.”

Source: People

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