GOOD NEWS: Retired Marine Talks Man Off Bridge

Retired Marine James Sperry decided to take the Eads Bridge route home instead of his usual drive and he ended up saving a life because of it. He was on the bridge heading home to Illinois when he spotted a man on the bridge standing on the outside of the rail and someone else there trying to help.

So he pulled over and got out to try to talk the man down. He told the stranger about his experiences as a Marine, being shot in the head and chest during the Battle of Fallujah when he was just 19.

“First thing I did was put my foot on the ledge, hook his arm and said ‘Hey brother, I’m a Marine, I’ve lost 40 friends, spent two years in the hospital, I’ve been exactly where you are right now,” says Sperry. He was able to talk the man down and says he’s glad he was in the right place at the right time that night.

Source: KMOV

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