He tried to ruin his wife's night out!

If my husband did this to me, I can NOT see us making it to the next anniversary!!  This is just mean! 

Anger got the best of one British husband. Annoyed that his wife was having fun on a "girls' night out," officials say Mo Ahmedcalled in not one, but TWO  bomb threats to the bar she was at. All in an attempt to make her come home.

The calls forced an emergency evacuation of more than 130 customers and cost the pub $1,500. For his part, Ahmed owned up to it all, telling the court he was angry with his wife for going out while he works two jobs so they make ends meet.

The judge pointed out that the calls made from Ahmed’s personal cell phone were “bound to be traced,” and that he should feel ashamed of himself. Word is, he does - and regardless, he was sentenced to six months in jail, suspended, Ahmed has also been ordered to pay back the bar $1,500 and will serve 120 hours of community service.

Source: BBC News

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