GOOD NEWS: Cop Plays Piano To Cheer Up Elderly Burglary Victim

A story from England about a kind cop has gone viral for all the right reasons. Nottinghamshire community support Officer Craig Bull and his partner visited the home of a 93-year-old man who had recently been burglarized to check on his well-being and when Bull saw a piano, he offered to play for him.

“I noticed he had a piano with music open - one of his favorite Chopin pieces he said, a nocturne,” Bull writes on Facebook. “I told him it was my late grandma's favorite too!”

The senior was glad the officers stopped by to see how he was doing and make sure he was okay. In the video Officer Bull posted, you can see the man watching happily as he plays. Bull writes that it’s “job satisfaction” for him.

Source: CBS 8

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