GOOD NEWS: This NFL QB Has His Own Book Club

NFL player Andrew Luck has always been a lifelong reader and now he’s using his star power to encourage others to follow his lead and learn to love books. The Andrew Luck Book Club is in its second year and it’s goal is to get someone who wasn’t into reading to give it a chance.

The Indianapolis Colts quarterback says his passion for reading has never dwindled, even though the time he has to spend reading has. Luck’s book club picks a rookie selection each month, as well as one for veteran readers like himself. And in addition to the book club, Luck visits schools to read to students, hosts a podcast, and plays football, and he really loved being able to interact with fans about a book.

"Part of the job is to make sure you are doing something positive with the platform. To me there's nothing more positive than trying to affect a kid in a good way," Luck says. "In a really sort of a simplistic view, the goal is that if one kid would pick up a book, that maybe otherwise wouldn't have and they have fun reading it ... That to me would be a good day."

Source: CBS News

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