Time Traveler from the year 6000?!

I don't know about you but this actually makes me breathe a little bit easier today.  It's just nice to know there WILL BE a year 6,000!  (I hope he's right!)

A bizarre new video has surface of a man claiming to be a time traveler who has seen the year 6000. He says he's got the secret technologies being used and claim human brains will be uploaded onto a computer so they can live forever.

In a video, which sees the man’s face is blurred and voice is distorted, he claims to have been a part of a secret program in the 1990’s that sent people forward in time. He even took a “distorted photo” of an unnamed city, which he claims "became distorted" from the travel back to present time (convenient).

At one point, our traveler gets choked up about having to leave a close friend behind in the future - he also says he knows people won't believe his story and he doesn’t blame them. It’s not his “intention to deceive,” but claims we will have technology to time travel by 2028. 

Source: Mirror

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