GOOD NEWS: Doc Walks A Mile In Snow To Get To Patients

A little snow shuts down towns in the south that just aren’t prepared for dealing with it, but a dedicated Georgia doctor didn’t let snowy conditions stop him from getting to his patients at the hospital. Dr. Dean McKenzie, chief of cardiothoracic surgery at Children’s Hospital of Atlanta, walked a mile to get there when the roads were closed due to ice and snow.

Schools and non-essential government offices were closed because of the unusual snowfall, but the hospitals were open and Dr. McKenzie knew he needed to be there to care for his young patients. But those who trust him with their children’s lives aren’t surprised by his dedication.

"When I heard that he walked, I immediately was like, ‘Of course he did,’” says Laura Beckwith, whose son is one of Dr. McKenzie's patients. “It exemplifies the type of person he is.”

Source: Inside Edition

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