GOOD NEWS: Internet Has Warm Response For Chilly Baltimore Students

College senior and graduate of the Baltimore City Public School system Samierra Jones didn’t want young students in her city schools suffering in freezing classrooms with inadequate heating while trying to learn, so she used social media to ask for help. She created a GoFundMe pageto raise money to buy 600 space heaters and supplemental winter clothing for the kids and boy did folks come through!

After former NFL linebacker and Baltimore native Aaron Maybintweeted a video showing the chilly students in a classroom talking with him, thousands of his social media followers pitched in to help the cause, too. The GoFundMe campaign went viral, raising over $80,000 - much more than the $20,000 goal.

Locals also donated coats, gloves, hats, and scarves, and others shipped boxes of supplies for students. Maybin stayed involved, working with Jones to collect and receive donations in Baltimore. “While our policy makers have been talking and pointing fingers, the people are mobilizing & taking action,” he tweeted. “And the world is finally taking notice…”

Source: Good News Network

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