GOOD NEWS: Pet Dogs Help Save A Freezing Stranger

Adam and Eva, the pet labradoodles belonging to Lonnie and Susan Chester, wouldn’t stop tugging on their owner’s sleeve at 4:30 in the morning on Sunday. So Lonnie got up to let them outside, but before he even opened the door all the way, the dogs squeezed past him and rushed out.

They ran to Lonnie’s truck and next to it was an elderly woman in her late 80s, freezing on the ground wearing nothing but a nightgown. "She looked up at me and said, 'I'm so cold,'" Lonnie says. "I have no idea how long she had been out there. She must have been terrified."

The temperature in Norvell Township, Michigan was about nine degrees at the time, so it was dangerous to be outside like that. Rescue crews arrived to check her out and shortly afterwards the woman’s family came to see if they had found their lost loved one. The woman was taken for medical treatment and it could have been a tragic ending without Eva and Adam there to alert their owners about the freezing woman outside.

Source: Sunny Skyz

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