GOOD NEWS: Nurse Donates 1K Ounces Of Breast Milk To Baby Of Cancer Patient

"Female nurse examining patient with stethoscope, mid section"

When Jaclyn Kenney, a nurse at Nebraska Medical Center, heard about a patient there who was a mom of two who had to stop breastfeeding because of treatment for lymphoma, she knew she could help. It turns out Kenney has been over producing breast milk and she was considering donating the extra when she learned about Ashley Chesnut.

Chesnut had been breastfeeding her five-month-old son, Easton, who’s just a day younger than Kenney’s daughter and was devastated that because of her chemo she’d have to stop. So when this stranger stopped by her hospital room and asked if she’d be interested in some breast milk for her baby, she broke into tears and told Kenney that she had made her day.

Kenney has now given 1,000-ounces of breast milk to Chesnut’s son and the gift really had a positive effect on her as she faces her battle with cancer. “I felt like I was getting some control back. Like cancer wasn’t going to take this from me after all. It completely changed my attitude,” Chesnut says. “With this burden lifted I was able to get my mind right to prepare for this fight.”

Source: People

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