This Is Us recap!

The NBC Show "This is Us" is amazing in every way...from the casting, to the acting, to the writing, to the music.  It's THE show I plan my week around, and, even then, I watch it once with my family, and a SECOND time by myself to catch all the little things...the tiny nuances I may have missed.  And, trust me, the writers are SO good, they ALWAYS throw in tiny things to make every scene even more complex...and, usually, more heartbreaking.  

OK, I'm gushing but last night I watched an episode that made me sob through the commercial break.  SOBBING, until my teenage daughter did the unthinkable and whispered, "Mom, he's not real.  He's not a real person."...How DARE you.  They are as real as you and me.  They're my tv family and I'm in love:)

So, catch up with me.  Below is a recap...the rest you can find on HULU:)