GOOD NEWS: Man With Downs Starts Million-Dollar Sock Company

John Cronin has always loved wearing wild socks, so when he and his dad were looking for a business to start together, his passion for fun socks led them to start a sock company. Now the 21-year-old, who has Down syndrome, and his father, Mark, run John’s Crazy Socks, and business is booming!

The father and son started the company in November 2016 and in a little over a year, they’ve shipped over 42,000 orders and brought in $1.7-million in revenue! That’s a lot of socks! John’s Crazy Socks also hires folks with disabilities, donates 5% of profits to Special Olympics, and each order comes with a thank you note from John himself.

“This is very personal to me,” Mark says. “I am building a business that my son can have meaningful work.” And John likes that he’s an example for others, adding, “I have Down Syndrome and it never holds me back.”

Source: Today

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