Join the Couch-Potato Club!

Calling all couch potatoes! There is now a spot for you to go to so you don’t feel ostracized by the active people in your life. Unfortunately, its in Germany. Founded by German entrepreneur Torben Bertram, the Sofa Sports Association found it's feet after Bertram got fed up with colleagues who kept pressuring him to join workout sessions during lunch.

The Sofa Sports Association lets like-minded lazy people participate in sofa sports like sitting, eating cups of chips without using hands, and yelling like Tarzan (no idea why on that one...sounds like work). Bertram says he founded the association because he just didn’t like the “constant pressure to improve himself.”

The club has been meeting for about a year at bars and clubs and now has 25 members including Bertram’s wife, who originally thought it was “nonsense.” The club is geared towards non-vegan, non-career-obsessed and the non-overachieving masses. That’s the spirit!

Source: Daily Mail

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