GOOD NEWS: New App May Help Alzheimer's Patients Recognize Family

A teenager has developed an app that could help Alzheimer’s patients remember loved ones. Emma Yang used her programming skills to create Timeless, an app that uses facial recognition software to give users information about who a person is and what their relationship is to the patient.

Yang’s own grandmother was diagnosed with the disease, so the 14-year-old has a personal reason for her project. With her app, when a user doesn’t recognize someone, they can snap a photo and Timeless will provide details. All that repetitive scrolling and looking at photos may make it easier for patients to remember information about that person.

Want to support the Timeless app? You can at Yang’s Indiegogocrowdfunding campaign. She hopes to raise money for further development and a formal study on the app’s efficacy.

Source: Mental Floss

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