Super Bowl = Paid Holiday?

Forget the football game...I want a paid holiday the next day because I have to stay up to watch "This is Us"!!!!!!   Jack, noooooooo!!!!!!!! ~Karla 

While most people love a good Super Bowl party, the problem is it’s on a Sunday, which means partying too hard can make it a bit tough to get up for work the next day. Well, it turns out a lot of HR managers think people shouldn’t have to. A new poll by OfficeTeam finds that 72% of HR managers think the day after the Super Bowl should be a paid holiday from work.

Of course, it's not like a lot of employees don’t take off work anyway. In fact, 27% of workers say they’ve called in sick after a major sporting event like the Super Bowl, the NBA Finals or the World Series, while another 32% have been late to the office the day after a big game. Not surprising, younger employees, ages 18 to 34 (40%) and males (36%) are most likely to skip work after a sporting event, and they are also most likely to be late (44% and 42% respectively).

And even if they are in the office, a lot of employees wind up waisting work time talking about the game. Workers claim to spend about 27 minutes each day on sports-related activities, although male employees spend the most time (37 minutes) as do those 18 to 34 (35 minutes). 

Source: OfficeTeam

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