GOOD NEWS: Dentist Donates $60K Worth Of Dental Work To Vet

When Dr. Michael Tischler, founder of Teeth Tomorrow met Larry “Smiley” Kleiman, he knew he wanted to help. Smiley’s a veteran who did two tours in Vietnam and had almost no natural teeth left when he went in for a consultation with the dentist.

And after hearing about Smiley’s story, Dr. Tischler was so moved, he offered to do the $60,000 surgery for free. “He smiled, he had no teeth,” Tischler explains. “He worked with dogs in Vietnam. And everything about him was just the kind of person that you wanna help.”

Smiley wasn’t sure he could afford the dental work on a fixed income, so he was thrilled when the dentist offered to do it for free to “pay him back” for his time in the service. Now he’s got a full set of teeth to show off his smile and no more discomfort. The vet is beyond thankful for the generosity, saying, “Nobody’s ever done that for me.”

Source: Inside Edition

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