GOOD NEWS: Fargo’s “Pay What You Can” Café Feeds Anyone Who’s Hungry

The fourth Sunday of every month, Square One in Fargo, North Dakota is transformed from a space used by professional chefs without a kitchen to a “pay what you can” café. Heart-N-Soul is the café where there are no prices on the menu and those who can contribute do so and those who can’t still get to enjoy a delicious meal.

Volunteers make these freshly grown meals possible. Some grow produce at home, some help prep and cook, others help serve. Heart-N-Soul is one of over 150 “pay what you can cafés” across the U.S. and things are going so well there, they hope to expand to serve more folks in need.

"It's a good way to come together, to meet others and I feel everybody deserves to have a healthy meal," says founder Heart-N-Soul founder Leola Dual.

Source: WDAY

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