Homeowner plans EPIC joke!

UK homeowner Carl Betson is certainly adding some curb appeal to his home with new decking, but what he hides underneath may shock future owners. Betson purchased a fake skeleton and placed it underneath the decking in hopes to creep out the next owners!

“This is going to be sooooo funny in around 30 years time when the next guy replaces the decking,” Betson jokes. He posted about his prank on Facebook where some of his friends wished they’d thought of it themselves and others not so much. One bubble burster thinks it will be “hilarious” when the taxpayers money is wasted on a forensic investigation.

Good news is the prank only cost Betson around $2.50. Bad news is that he’ll never see the joke to fruition. No bones about it, this prank would be legendary if he can pull it off! Though he may not know until his own after-life. 

Source: Mirror

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