GOOD NEWS: Young Eagles Fan Who Beat Cancer Scores Super Bowl Tix

After battling cancer for years, a young Eagles fan got the surprise of a lifetime from a kind stranger in Minnesota. Cole Fitzgerald was just given tickets to the Super Bowl from an anonymous man who wanted the teen to get to see his team play in the big game.

The die-hard Vikings fan said there’s no way he could go to the Super Bowl since his team didn’t make it there, so he reached out to Spare Key, a group that helps families in crisis with sick children. The kind stranger had read a story online about 13-year-old Cole managing his junior high’s football team because his illness prevented from ever playing.

The eighth-grader won’t ever know who gave him this incredible gift, but he’s really excited about going to the Super Bowl. “I want to thank the fan,” Cole says. “Sorry for your season. Good luck next year.”

Source: CBS Minnesota

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