GOOD NEWS: Therapy Dog Doesn’t Let Traffic Jam Stop Him From Spreading Love

Sherman is two-year-old, 230 pound Old English Mastiff and a therapy dog who’s always ready to lift the spirits of those who need it. Andy just had surgery and was on his way home from recovering at a nursing home when he got stuck in a traffic jam. That's when he spotted Sherman’s huge head sticking out of the window.

Andy called the number on the side of the SUV advertising Sherman’s services and asked his owner, Sherry McAllister, to set up a time they could meet up. Andy explained that he recently had to find a new home for his beloved large breed dog because his health problems prevented him from caring for his pet any longer.

McAllister agreed to set up a date soon, but she “couldn’t get Andy’s sad voice” out of her head, so she called Andy back and asked if he wanted to pull over to a nearby parking lot right then to say hi to Sherman. He did and it was so touching, McAllister shared the story on Facebook. Andy snuggled Sherman and poured his heart out to him and Sherman nuzzled him and gave him the unconditional love he needed.

Source: Sunny Skyz

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