Want Monday off??

Forget about the big game...I'll want to take Monday off because I'll need to replay This is Us!!!  I'm crying just thinking about it.  JACKKKKKKKK!!!!!!!!!!!!

As we previously told you, a survey of HR managers finds that many believe the Monday after the Super Bowl should be a holiday, and there’s good reason for that, considering many people won’t be going to work anyway. 

According to a report by Mucinex, close to 14-million people watching the Super Bowl on Sunday plan to call in sick for work on Monday. What’s more, 19% of Americans say they have missed work in the past on the day after the big game, with 25% thinking it should be a holiday. 

Now if you’re wondering why people just don’t take the day off in advance, it seems most people don’t necessarily know they are going to need it until the last minute. In fact, the poll finds that 60% of employed Americans decide to call in sick either after the game has started or Monday morning.

  • As for the excuse they give for calling in sick, fever is the most common ailment (26%), followed by sore throat (14%), and headache (12%). And hey...now we have "the flu!"

Source: Yahoo Finance

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