GOOD NEWS: Social Media Helps Boy Get Reunited With Beloved Stuffed Animal


Thanks to the power of social media, a Chicago-area boy is being reunited with his treasured stuffed animal. Matthew lost his “Lovey” on while traveling home from a trip to Grand Cayman and since he’s been snuggling that stuffed elephant for his entire life - all four years of it - he was pretty upset to lose it.

But Matthew’s mother put out a plea in a Facebook mom’s group and knew that one of her neighbors who was on her flight home might be able to help. Local mom Kathy saw the post and responded that she’d be happy to help Matthew be reunited with his Lovey.

Kathy kept her word and now Lovey is on the way back to Chicago and should be back to Matthew soon. “I’m just happy to help,” she says. I’m sure any one of the moms would have done the same.”

Source: CBS Chicago

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