Socks can help save Gorillas!

Everyone needs a pair of cool socks and this is a great cause.  I love it when we get to look good AND help save the world:)  Show the gorillas...and yourself...some love.  ~Karla 

In the market for some snazzy new socks? Gorilla Socks has quirky, fun designs made of eco-friendly bamboo fiber and they donate at least 10% of every sale they make to The Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund International. So you could help save the gorillas just by shopping.

When you buy from Gorilla Socks, your money does directly to thatgorilla conservation fund that fights poachers, researches gorillas, educates scientists on conservation challenges and more. And you get a pair of colorful socks that are also eco-friendly. Seems like an easy win-win.

Source: Mashable

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