The right way to take out your eggs??

I don't care how you take them out of the carton as long as you don't do what my hubby does.  He take out the egg, only uses the egg white and puts the shell and yolk BACK in the carton!!!  Gross!~Karla 

The Debate Over How To Take Eggs Out Of A Carton Is On! - It only takes one photo to start a heated debate on social media.

The latest hot topic is how to properly take eggs out of an egg carton. We are not kidding. Twitter user Brian Faughnan innocently..or not…posted a snapshot of the carton and asked if they unpack their cartons from right-to-left or from left-to-right.

It turns out, there are five ways to do it: left to right/right to left, from the center out, from the outside in or just randomly. Most people chose one side or another. Luckily there is no right way.

Source: Today

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