Couple gets mysterious Amazon packages for months!

If I get put on this mysterious list, I'd like to receive bird houses, things for the kitchen and Renaissance clothing please:)~Karla 

A Massachusetts couple thought it was all fun and games when they started free receiving mystery packages from Amazon. Mike and KellyGallivan say packages have arrived once or twice a week since October. They mostly contained cheap stuff like plastic fans and phone chargers.

The Gallivans never ordered any of it and at first they admit it was fun. Now the couple wants it to stop. They’ve contacted Amazon about it, only to be told it was all paid for with a gift card. No name, no address. They’re most likely a part of a scam to gain good reviews on the products.

Amazon experts James Thomson and Chris McCabe say a seller can establish an Amazon account with a phony email. The seller will then purchase merchandise with a gift card and send it to a random person. Then the seller, who controls the email, will write a glowing review of the product, thus boosting the Amazon product. The Gallivans have no idea why they were chosen, but they’re not happy about it.

Source: Boston Globe

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