She sues after he wins the lottery and dumps her!

Personally, I hope he wins this case...but if I knew them, maybe I'd change my mind~Karla 

Denise Robertson is accusing her former live-in boyfriend of taking off after he won the lotto...and she's taking him to court for her cut.  Robertson claims Maurice Thibeault owes her for half of his $6.1-million jackpot, plus she wants a half-mill in punitive damages.

Thibeault lived with Robertson and her teenage daughter from July 2015 to September 2017 and according to court papers, she says they "always agreed that if they had a winning ticket, the proceeds would be theirs, together as a couple." Robertson’s lawyer Steven Pickard notes, "It’s a question of morality.”

Not for Thibeault. He says there was no such arrangement, and that he'd been planning to leave Robertson for months - that winning the lottery was his perfect opportunity to split. Either way, Robertson wants what she thinks is her cut, accrued interest and the punitive damages. Until the case is decided by the court, Thibeault half the jackpot - with the other half to be paid pending the final decision.

Source: The Star

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