GOOD NEWS: This Bakery Will Hire Anyone, And That’s Been Great For Business

As long as there’s a position open, Greyston Bakery will hire anyone. You might not know the Yonkers, New York bakery by name, but you’ve probably eaten it’s products. They bake 35,000-pounds of brownies a year for Ben and Jerry’s ice cream, but Greyston is more focused on employees than profits.

People with less than perfect credentials - like lack of education or work experience, criminal records, or homelessness - can have a hard time landing a job. But Greyston has an open hiring policy, so none of that matters. Job seekers just come in, put their names on a list, and when the next job opens up, they are given an opportunity.

It sounds risky, but it’s been working for them for 35 years. “We bake brownies to hire people,” CEO Mike Brady explains. “We don’t hire people to bake brownies.”

Source: The Daily Meal

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