GOOD NEWS: Only One Cheerleader Showed, So Opposing Team’s Squad Joined Her

Male cheerleader lifting female cheeleader above his head, close-up

At the CLAA basketball conference in Carroll County, Missouri recently, it was the cheerleading squad from Hardin-Central High School who really stole the show. When the cheerleaders from their opposing team arrived, there was only one girl, because the rest of her team was sick. And that lone cheerleader, Tori Adams, was a little embarrassed and nervous to be up there alone, until the Hardin-Central team showed her some kindness.

The whole team went to over to her and cheered with her. They learned her cheers and they taught her theirs and together they all cheered the teams on and got the crowd going. And Tori says their good sportsmanship really helped her, adding, “It was a big relief.”

Source: Little Things

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